A convention is an event where you will have the opportunity to meet your favorite actors. Different activities are available: photos, autographs, panels, meet & greets etc.

You must have a pass to be able to purchase extras in the case of a physical convention. For virtual conventions, you just have to buy the desired extra as there is no pass on sale.

After purchasing your pass on the ticketing, you will receive an email containing your nominative e-ticket. This ticket will allow you, on the day of the pass collection, to get your pass. You will have to keep your pass with you for the duration of the event -- without this pass you will be denied access.

Yes, if you respect the following points:

  • For any minor under the age of 18, you will need to have a parental authorization signed by one of your parents or legal guardian as well as their ID.
  • For those under 16, you must be accompanied by an adult who also has a pass to be able to access the event with you. If the person under 16 is not accompanied by an adult or if the adult does not have a pass, you will not be able to access the convention and no refund will be issued.
  • Solo photos (with only one guest) is a photo taken by a professional photographer. This extra is only available for one participant. To have more than one person the same photo, you will need one ticket each. Depending on the number of tickets purchased for the same photo, each person will have their printed photo. One photo ticket = one printed photo.
  • Duo, trio, group photos… (with more than one guests) are photos taken by a professional photographer. You can have up to two participants in the same photo with a single ticket. However, you will only get one printed photo, to have two, you will have to pay for a second print (the price will be given on site).
  • Autographs: The guest will sign an official photo (available at the store) or a photo taken during the convention. If you want to have your own object or photo signed, it must be pre-approved by the staff at the guest's table. This is also the moment where you can give your gifts to the guest if you have any.
  • Meet & Greets: You will spend 30min with the guest and a limited group of fans (maximum 30 people)
  • The panels: Conference with moderator during which you can ask your questions to the guests attending. This will take place in the panel room which will be the main room of the convention.
  • One-on-One: 3min video call with a guest. Possibility of being up to 3 people in the same video call but only if each participant has a ticket. For two people, the call will last 5 minutes. For three people, the call lasts 8min.
  • Meet & Greets: Video call of 30 minutes with the guest and a group of 30 fans max.
  • Personalized video: A video taken by the guest and addressed to you personally. You can send your messages to the email address sparkleevents@gmail.com. You have until the day before the event at the latest to send us your request.
  • Autographs: The guest will sign a photo that will be sent to your address after the event. You can send a short message to sparkleevents@gmail.com to have your autograph personalized and your postal address. You have until the day before the event at the latest to provide us with the information. Please note that personalization of autographs is not available for all announced guests.

A virtual convention takes place on Zoom. A link will be sent to you so that you can log in and join the meeting corresponding to the extra you purchased before the event. It is MANDATORY that your name on Zoom is the same as on your extra ticket. You do not need to download the Zoom application as you will be able to join the meeting directly through your web browser.

Translators will be available for all your extras as well as during the panels for French participants.

You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @SparkleEvts. Our Twitter direct messages are open for any problem or question. For all requests concerning autographs and personalized videos, send an email to julie.sparkleevents@gmail.com and for any other question related to the ticketing, extras or other, you can send an email to manon.sparkleevents@gmail.com.