Terms of sale

Terms & Conditions




Please read carefully our terms and conditions below. They will be valid for any event organized by Sparkle Events. The purchase of any Pass implies that you have read and accepted these sale conditions. 

Sparkle Events reserves the right to modify its conditions at any time.


Sparkle Events is a simplified joint stock company registered at INSEE under the SIRET number 85049495600012 and whose registered office is at the following address:




To access the convention, you will need a Pass. Passes are on sale on the ticketing directly on our official website sparkleevents.fr up to one week BEFORE the event at the latest (unless they sell out). Payments accepted on the ticketing are by credit card and Paypal but you can also pay by wire transfer by sending us an email with your request.

After purchasing your pass on the ticketing, you will receive an email with your e-ticket attached. It is not possible to change the name on the e-ticket. This ticket will be used on the day of the pass collection to be able to get your nominative pass. Passes are non-refundable or exchangeable unless the event is canceled or resale is allowed by Sparkle Events only.

During the entirety of the convention, you must have your pass and your bracelet with you. Be careful that they remain visible in the event of a pass check. Members of staff or security reserve the right to exclude any person who does not respect these rules from the event.

To collect your passes and extras, you must present all the nominative e-tickets for your pass and each extra purchased as well as an ID with photo. For minors, please present your parental authorization as well, and for those under 16 present yourself with your adult companion. Without these documents, the staff will not be able to give you your pass and your extras. Once you've collected everything, you won't be able to come back if you forgot any extra. You must come and collect your passes and extras yourself, they will not be given to another person. Pass collection will either happen the day before or the morning of the convention directly on site. An announcement will be made before the event.

For anyone under the age of 18, you will need to present a parental authorization signed by one of your parents or legal guardian as well as an ID of this same person.

For those under 16, you must be accompanied by an adult who also has a pass to be able to access the event with you. If the person under 16 is not accompanied by an adult or if the adult does not have a pass, you will not be able to access the convention and no refund will be issued.

For panel room placements, you will have a dedicated area per pass as well as a dedicated seat. If you want to be next to your friend(s), it will be possible to send us an email a few weeks before the convention. An announcement will be made.


You can only purchase an extra if you have an entry pass. If it is not already the case, the purchased extras will not be valid and no refund will be possible.

The photoshoot extras will be printed and placed in a dedicated space during the day. You will only be able to get your own photos only and not those of other people. A staff member will be present to check the photos you take with you. Solo photos (with one guest) will only be available for one participant or for two participants with two tickets. If there are two of you on a photo (so with two tickets) you will be entitled to two photo prints. For any other photo (duo, trio, group…), a maximum of two participants will be allowed on the same photo with a single ticket. Please note, only one print will be made, to have two, you will have to pay for a second print (the price will be communicated on site).

For meetings, a list with the names of the participants for each session will be made. No transfer will be possible except for specific cases. A person in charge of meetings will be waiting for you in the panel room. When the meeting you have purchased is called, you will need to follow that person. If you miss part or all of the meeting, it will not be possible to get a refund or to exchange the day or actor. It is very important to remain in the panel room at all times. If you have extras at the same time, a staff member will have you go first and escort you to the meeting room.

For autographs, please respect the order given in the panel room for organizational reasons. Staff will be available to give you your order if you have multiple autographs, to make sure you don't miss any. If you miss your extra, it will not be possible to get a refund or to exchange the day or actor. Gifts for the actors are due during these autograph sessions only.

The selfie extras will have dedicated sessions. No photos taken with your phone will be allowed apart from the selfie extras and panels. The process of this extra will be communicated before the event.

The official supports for the autographs will be sold on site. Unofficial media are tolerated, ask the person at the actor's table to approve any outside media or object. Actors can refuse to sign something that does not suit them.

In the event of theft or loss of any of your extras, Sparkle Events is in no way responsible.


The event may be subject to a change of dates. In this case, your passes and extras will remain valid for the new dates. If you no longer want to participate in the event on these new dates, you must send us an email to request a refund (excluding ticketing taxes) or a credit for one of our future events.

If the event is canceled, you will be refunded in full (excluding ticketing taxes). Or you can get a credit for one of our upcoming events.

If a guest cancels their attendance at the convention, Sparkle Events will find a replacement if possible. If the guest is included in the passes, their extras will automatically be replaced by those of their replacement. If the guest is an extra or bonus guest, all extras purchased with them will be refunded (excluding ticketing fees). No pass refunds will be made if the actor you are interested in cancels their attendance.

Except for cancellation of the event or change of dates, if you can no longer come to the convention, no refund will be made by Sparkle Events. If you have a two day pass, but can only attend one day, Sparkle Events is not responsible if you miss any extras.

Resales may be authorized by Sparkle Events only.

Any costs incurred to attend the event (accommodation, travel, food, etc.) will not be refunded by Sparkle Events in the event of cancellation or change of dates. These costs will be the responsibility of the participant only.


It is forbidden to film the panels or anytime the actors are on stage. Photos are allowed, without flash. Cameras are also allowed.

No photos or recordings of the actors outside of the panel room are allowed. If a member of staff sees you recording or taking pictures of the actors during extra sessions, in the hallways or just outside the panel room, they will ask you to delete everything. After the second warning, a staff member or security reserve the right to exclude any participant.

By agreeing to these terms, you authorize Sparkle Events to use your image in connection with the event, along with photos and videos.


No recordings or screenshots are allowed at a virtual convention. If you are caught recording or taking photos, you will be excluded from the entire event with no possibility of refund. Same thing for social networks, it is forbidden to post unauthorized photos or recordings of actors under penalty of possible legal proceedings.


To access a virtual convention, the purchase of the extra you wish to participate in is enough. No pass will be on sale to access the event.


Following the purchase of your extra, you will receive your nominative e-ticket by email. You will receive by email, a few days before the convention, a Zoom link which will give you access to the meeting corresponding to your extra. Please put the same first and last names as on your ticket. If your name is different from the ticket we will not be able to let you into the Zoom meeting and no refund can be made if you miss your extra. 

By clicking on the link that you will receive by email, you will have to wait until you are let into the meeting when it begins or when it is time for your extra. Please note that delays are frequent during virtual conventions, you have to be patient, we will give frequent updates on our Twitter account @SparkleEvts.

One-on-ones are video calls with the actor only and a mandatory moderator (who will be present without video and microphone) and will last 3 minutes if you are alone. If you want to be two or three during the call, you will need to purchase the number of tickets corresponding to the number of people and send us an email to let us know. A maximum of three people is accepted for video calls. Your call will be 5 minutes for two participants and 8 minutes for three.

Once you are brought into the meeting, you will need to activate your microphone and video, usually at the bottom left of your screen. As soon as your video and microphone are activated, the call can begin. We will interrupt you 15-30 seconds before the end of the call, to take a souvenir photo/screenshot and to give you time to say goodbye.

Please do not make the end of the call too long, there are a lot of people in line and we don't want to be too late.

Meet & Greets are 30-minute video calls with up to 30 fans in the same meeting. Please let everyone speak during this meeting, a moderator will be present to ensure that the rules are respected. You can ask the actor all your questions with respect and avoid inappropriate questions. If several people want a French translation, it will be done. We will email you before the event to find out your preferences.

Once you are brought into the meeting, please activate your video, your microphone will be muted. If you have a question, ask the moderator, via chat or the "raise your hand" zoom option, who will then activate your mic.

Panels are conferences that last one hour with one or several actor(s) present at the event. The questions will be asked in advance by email from fans who will attend the panel. Please note that a French translation will not be mandatory for each panel. If you have difficulty understanding English, please send us an email with your panel ticket. You can activate your video if you wish, your microphone will be muted.

 Personalized videos are videos taken by the actor responding to your email request before the convention. This video will be sent to you at the latest one month after the convention except in special cases with the actor, we will keep you posted on Twitter.

Autographs will be sent to your address one month after the event at the latest. They can be personalized by the actor. You can send us your short message by email. Note that not all guests will necessarily be able to personalize autographs, we will keep you posted on Twitter.